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2dayswithoutlj's Journal

The Day the LJ Died
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This is a community. A marvelous one. Membership is free, we only ask...for your heart.

Where were you the day the LJ died?

December 7, 1941.
November 22, 1963.
September 11, 2001.

January 14, 2005

The day of days. On the afternoon of January 14th, 2005, all of our lives were changed forever. We all went from living carefree, day to day, to living a nightmare.

Livejournal died. You tried to check your friends page, and it wasn't there. All your communities obliterated in a flash. Even your user info, the embodiment of you, was gone. The screen was white, and your heart turned black.

This community is here for all of us to share our stories: where we were when LJ died, how we made it through those nearly two days without it, and how we've changed since. Tell us about the friends you made, what you found out about yourself, and just maybe, about the mysterious world outside the computer room, where ~ and '/info' meant nothing.

Your moderator who moderates nothing: travtastic
Your community advertiser and all-around info whore: conro
Your guy who will demand some credit even though he didn't do anything: doubleare
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